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LLC "PARRUS" presents a new development:
Model "IP-10"
capacity up to 10 kg of steam per hour
4 kW
Costs per 10 kg of steam
up to 400°C
Steam temperature
up to 8 bar
20 sec
Entering the mode
Ease of management
with one button
Smooth adjustment
Performance, pressure, temperature,
vapor saturation
Space saving
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) - 340x255x560 mm
Weight - 31 kg
Do not require registration
Are not subject to registration with RosTecHnadzor bodies
Sauna and hammam
The steam generator is used to heat heat carriers and supply
hot steam
The steam generator is used for heating private houses, buildings and structures where there is no gas heating
Chemical industry
The steam generator is used for the production of fertilizers, various chemical compounds, the creation of temperature regimes for chemical reactions, etc.
The steam generator is used for technological processes,
creating conditions for chemical processes of drug production, for autoclave, etc.
Car washes
The steam generator is used for cleaning the car interior and eliminating unpleasant odors
Food industry
The steam generator is used for heat treatment of food
Gubaydullin Ramil Alfredovich
general manager
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Tech support
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