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Made under license from  V-Plasma LLC,
a resident of Skolkovo Research Center,
Cert. No. 1120747, based on patented technologies

Profitability: 100 kg of steam = 25-30 kW
Process stabilization: 20 seconds
Pressure: up to 25 bar
Temperature: up to 300 °С
Noise level: up to 70 dB
(quieter than a vacuum cleaner)
Induction steam generator "PARRUS" of a new generation
 > 59 700 kg of steam per hour
delivered to customers
are the most compact on the market
From 6 months
payback period
The evolution of ISG PARRUS steam generators

We are constantly working not only to improve the technical performance of the manufactured equipment, but also strive to make steam generators compact, ergonomic and as simple as possible to operate.

Generation I (2016)

Generation II (2017)

Generation III (2018)

Generation IV (2021)

We will produce a steam generator for Your needs!
Max. 5 000 kg steam per hour

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Development of customized solutions

200 to 5 000 kg of steam per hour

Induction steam boiler rooms
(see details on website)
Mobile special equipment with steam truck function
(see details on website)

Briefly about technology

Steam generators made by LLC “PARRUS” are structurally finished products.

These are flow-type induction steam generators, without a heating boiler, the pressure is created by an integrated pump. They have the most compact dimensions on the market. Not subject to registration with Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor).

The principle of operation of the induction steam generator is to instantly evaporate water in an electromagnetic field, which eliminates the preliminary heating of water and leads to a significant reduction in the consumed electric power. Also, the "start-stop" mode creates additional energy savings.

The power of the steam generator is increased not only by building up inductors (modules), but also by the characteristics of transformers and coils. Stepless adjustment of productivity, pressure, temperature and steam saturation allows you to configure the equipment to the requirements of any technology.

The results of tests
conducted by an independent Scientific Research Center

Market segment

Scopes of induction steam generators PARRUS

Food industry

Production of meat, dairy, fish, confectionery products, brewing, etc.

Laundries and car washes

Garment steamer, drying and steaming chambers for various purposes, engine cleaning, car interior cleaning.

Medicine and Pharmaceutics

Industrial steam generators for an autoclave, the creation of conditions for the chemical processes in the production of pharmaceuticals.

Construction and logging

Steaming concrete and reinforced concrete products, products made of aerated concrete, building construction, wood drying, for general construction works.


Compound feed production, steaming grain, heating livestock complexes.

Housing and utility services
and boiler rooms

Heating of private and municipal buildings and structures, industrial complexes.

Chemical industry

The production of fertilizers, various chemical compounds, the creation of temperature conditions for chemical reactions.

Oil production and refining

Tank cleaning and processing of icy surfaces at production sites, oil heating in tanks, etc.

Geography of implemented projects
Who we are?
A union of three companies whose innovative work is enhanced by a synergistic effect

"L-Start" LLC

Since 2005, we have been manufacturing and implementing energy-efficient solutions, technologies and equipment.

"B-Plasma" LLC

Since 2013, we have been developing induction heating elements. Resident of the IC Skolkovo.


We are the only official representative of V-Plasma LLC and the manufacturer of PARRUS steam generators.


Gubaidullin Ramil Alfredovich
General director
Mobile: +7 (968) 428-79-59    E-mail:
Tech support

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Production site: Khimki, Nekrasov st., 2

Office: Moscow, Vyborg 16, str. 4, bldg. 502

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